Miguel regod oacute n tears of a bitter manor by miguelregodon-d7ffe1a

The ties that bind can be a far reaching thing so when the Merchant Prince Thadar Abulian and his wife Constance Evanite discover that some of their dear friends have not been heard from in some time they seek out aid from the Inquisitor. Whom, Thadar knows from Rivain and is relatively close to her parents. Constance a noble woman from Ferelden, a second cousin to Emanuel Cousland giving the group just another reason to reach out and offer aid to the aging couple. Whom while not claimed by the cold in their bones yet, are not as hearty as they use to be.

Once the adventuring band roamed around Ferelden during the Fifth Blight doing what they could to aid the people and give back to the community. This was how they made their wealth, their fame and their legacy in the world. Every year the group got together and celebrated life, their work and surviving the blight.To toast those who had already passed. It was a time of just seeing each other and reflecting on how things had changed.

As always they were set to meet in the small town of Salduin on the 5th of Guardian in Dragon 9:42 the Breach in the sky giving them reason to worry as well. Seeing as there are bandits running amok and creatures that are falling from the sky. They wish to see if their friends are alright, and so begins the first steps for the group.