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Thadar is Rivani Merchant Prince, he is getting on in age nearing his sixty first birthday. However, he is still hearty and in good spirits. He is one of a small group of adventurers that had set out to make a difference during the fifth blight. He is well know in his homeland. His skill with words, and diplomacy is said to be epic.

Thadar is a warrior and an outstanding athlete he retains some of this spryness into his old age. He worships the Maker and has a strong belief in doing for yourself, but if you need help, help will be provided.

Dar, as he is known to his friends is kind and compassionate, he spends much of his time attempting to help others. His fortunes made in the gemstone market. It is he who is funding the adventure and wishes to see his long time friends to be okay, their are great concerns on his part that maybe the venatori might have come to realize that they have been helping by hiring those who hunt mages to even the odds in the Western Reaches and the concern that he might be responsible worries him.

He is happily married to Constance Evanite. They have been married for over thirty years. They have three grown children. Thadius, Willomina, and Reginal. All of whom live in Rivain and have their own families and business's. They are not adventurers are their parents are.