Constance is the wife of Thadar Abuian and a Mage that specializes in the healing arts. She and Thadar have been married for many years. They have been together longer than they were an adventuring group. Constance, is the rock of the group, the consistent support. The motherly figure that tells you to sleep now don't sit up late, and can be very firm in her resolve when you disobey her. She has three children of her own, all grown with families of their own, none of them adventurers so she could not contact them for help in this.

She also holds a deep concern that this is something to do with she and Dar's working with mercenary groups to clear out Venatori that are causing issues in the Western Approach, while their is little but sand and a wide expansion of land, Constance still adventures with her husband. The fact that there were recent attempts on their lives is a minimal thing to her She believes it is retaliation for the Venatori.

That her companions have not met up, is of great concern and she and Dar are both willing to pay the Inquisition in gold, and experience to gain their aid in this matter.